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Science of the Mind: How the Brain Works to Regulate Mood, Emotions, and Stress

Tuesday evenings, February 28 – April 3 from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m.

Scientific understanding of the brain is increasing at a dramatic rate but how can we use this information to improve our psychological wellness? This course features outstanding speakers and researchers in the field of mental health and psychiatry. We will discuss how to reduce stress, improve mood, and decrease the risk of mental illness. Come gain insight into the biological basis of the brain and behavior and how recent scientific discoveries can help us to take better care of ourselves and our minds.

Course chair:
Descartes Li, MD
Professor Psychiatry; Director of UCSF Bipolar Disorder Program

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February 28
Alternative Treatments for Depression: Do They Work?

Descartes Li, MD
Professor Psychiatry; Director of UCSF Bipolar Disorder Program

March 6
It’s Not All in Your Head: Depression, Health, and Cellular Changes
Owen Wolkowitz, MD
Professor of Psychiatry; Director of the Psychopharmacology
Assessment Clinic

March 13
Psychotherapy is Not What We Think:  An Unfolding Dialogue Between Art and Science

Victoria Lemle Beckner, PhD
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry

March 20
Motivation to Pursue Dreams and Hopes: Understanding the Brain’s Reward System

Sheri L. Johnson, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychology, University
of California Berkeley

March 27
Applying Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to Treatment: The Practicing Alternatives to Heal Depression Study

Stuart J. Eisendrath, MD
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry; Director,
The UCSF Depression Center

April 3
Anxiety: Sport Suspension on Life’s Bumpy Road

Tracy Foose, MD
Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor,
UCSF School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

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